Friday, April 29, 2011

Hats Off to Will and Kate!

With a little duct tape and one of those lids from the giant insulated drink mugs that people get from the corner gas/convenience, too, could be counted amongst the fashionistas of the world (make sure it's attached directly to your forehead or stylishly cemented to your temple)

Despite the horrific head attire of some of the wedding attendees, the ceremony, I hate to admit, was quite lovely!  Congrats to Will and Kate!


  1. I saw that on the worst dressed list but even that wasn't the worst hat.. did you see the blue canoe one?

  2. I didn't watch most of the drama unfold... just some highlights of the DVR'd wedding. I was disappointed that I missed the walk down the aisle, but was happy to see the balcony kiss. Her dress was amazing.