Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Disappointed!

So.  This is the anniversary of Adolph Hitler's birthday...and the anniversary of the Columbine shootings.  But most importantly it was to be the day of cop-killer Curtis Allgier's wedding to his beloved female friend (name undisclosed by the media and a woman whom he has never met) while incarcerated at the Salt Lake County Adult Detention Center (or the Salt Lake County Jail for those of us not living in "let's-all-be-nicey-nice-and-not-make-the-evil-dregs-of-society-feel-unloved-or alienated-or-hurt-their-feelings" land).  But alas, the nuptials have been cancelled. The betrothed couple was to be married with only a sheet of glass separating them as they exchanged their vows.  They were not to be allowed to kiss, nor to consummate the union.  Sweet mother of God...why does anyone even entertain this guy's antics?  He is a piece of human excrement who holds himself out as a white supremicist, yet he goes so far as to disguise his visage with so many nonsensical and poorly executed tattoos that he now appears to be a black man.  Ahhhh, the sweet irony of his stupidity!