Friday, May 13, 2011


Okay, of my dearest friends who is like a sister to me...we'll call her "Maxine" (to protect her identity)...just read my last post. She called me and said that I'm ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' CRAZY!!! She called me a bitter and shrewish creature and she's traumatized by learning things about me that she never wanted to know. At this very moment, I have tears rolling down my face and I am LMFAO!!! I love someone who can call a spade a spade. The funny part is that "Maxine" happens to be one of my ex-husband's other wives (one of the six...funny part is that he told me I was #2 but I later found out of was #5).  She divorced him but luckily I got to keep her as a friend.

PLEASE GIVE ME A MOMENT TO REDEEM MYSELF...Although my blog is based on my life experiences, both past and present, I truly am a soft-hearted person who loves puppies and balloons...and I even have lots of man-friends who I think are exceptionally dear and precious!  I love lots of men!  And...I have not given up the hope of finding love again someday.  It's true, I've got baggage...everyone has baggage...I'm just looking for a man whose got baggage that looks good with mine. And believe it or not...I even had a true love once (no one I married, unfortunately)...don't be shocked...he was wonderful and I'll never forget him. There have been, still are, and hopefully will be again, lots of incredible men in my life. They're just not as funny to write about...but maybe I should give them some props.  In fact, let me name some of them (this list includes some of my friends' husbands, too, all of whom I really dig...they're awesome and amazing and I love them no particular order):  Dad, CP, Jim, Steve B., Todd O., Todd E.,  Kent, Bruce, Craig, Bill, Dave, Jay, Steve W., Troy, Mike, Dave B., Dave Y., Ethan, Craig, J-Raz, Mike, Greg, Ellis, TLF (this will forever be an unrequited love), Basil Rupert Winthorpe (he's my imaginary friend), Daniel, Dustin, Devin, Darrin, Jason, Travis, Marshall, Otto, Clint, Jason, and there's plenty of others).

Maybe my next post should be about bitchy, bitter, women. Maybe that will help balance my karmic scales. Oh, my...I could make a novel out of that subject.


  1. I happen to have loved your last post and think its great that you speak your mind....

  2. I love it. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

  3. That was so nice of you to include all of my boys. They would be honored, I'm sure cause they kind of like you too. I think they are kind of intimidated by you though. :-)